Hodgepodge Update

Made some Umami Burger style burgers with fresh ground short rib, brisket, and flank steak. The meat was seasoned with Vegemite, anchovies, truffle salt, Worcestershire, tamari, and harissa. The seared patty sits on top of slow roasted thyme tomatoes and covered with melted Jack cheese. The buns are potato since I couldn't find Portuguese sweet buns. 

I had some left over burgers so I made a ragu with red wine and heirloom tomato on top of quinoa.

Very excited this morning because we got our fist shipment of Abundant Harvest Organics produce. The box is packed full of fresh goodies and is only about 20 bucks; I think it's a great deal.

Red plum, grapes, figs, daikon radish, tomatoes, arugula, leaf lettuce, summer squash,  basil, Kabocha squash, red onions, potatoes

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